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Synology Disk Station Manager 2.2 BETA

Seit dem 16. Juli ist es nun so weit. Auf der Synology-Seite kann man sich für den Beta-Test des neuen Disk Station Manager 2.2 anmelden. Nach der Anmeldung bekommt man den Link zur Software und dann kann der Test auch schon starten. Die Highlights der neuen Version:

  1. DLNA Compliant Media Server: Compatibility between the Synology Disk Station and DLNA Home devices is now available – streaming media files from the Disk Station using DLNA complaint devices allows easy enjoyment of music, photos and videos. In addition, support for Windows® Media Player streaming is provided.
  2. iPhone Support: „DS photo“ allows users to upload photos stored on their iPhone/iPod Touch to Disk Station easily while instantly sharing it with anyone online. „DS audio“ allows users to stream music stored on Disk Station with their iPhone/iPod Touch where Internet access is available.
  3. Mobile Photo Station and File Station: Remote Mobile Users can access their Synology DiskStation on Windows Mobile® 6.0 (Internet Explorer® Mobile or Opera® 9.0 and onward) or iPhone OS 2.2.1 onward to view photos and read supported file formats around the world where Internet access is available.
  4. iSCSI: Up to 10 iSCSI targets can be created on the Synology Disk Station, allowing the Virtual Storage Expansion for computers on the network. The iSCSI target can also grow on demand, as storage needs increase for the iSCSI Virtual Storage.
  5. Firewall: The built-in firewall function allows the administrator to decide which services or IP addresses are allowed to access the Disk Station to prevent unwanted connections.
  6. SNMP: SNMP protocol support allows the administrator to monitor the Disk Station with existing network management software.
  7. Auto Block: Blocking an IP address after a pre-defined number of failed attempts further aids in the security of the Disk Station against unauthorized access. The Auto-block functions on the management UI, File Station, FTP Access, SSH, Telnet, rsync, and mobile devices.
  8. Resource Monitor: Resource monitor allows the administrator to easily monitor Disk Station’s CPU usage, memory usage, network flow and volume usage.
  9. Apple Time Machine Support: Mac OS X users can easily back up their desktop data by simply choosing a destination folder on the Disk Station.